Below you'll find awards (and links) from some of the many places that like AnalogX, and what can I say, I like people who like me, so if you have the time I would recommend checking out what they have to offer...

WebAttack Top100 of 1999

Jumbo's Program of the Day

Lockergnome featured site

100Hot Top 100 site

TuCows 5-Cow Rating

CoolTool tool of the day

WebAttack Gold Editors Pick

HotFiles 5-Star rating

SlaughterHouse Pick of the Day

Kim Kommando Pick of the Day

ListSoft rated Cool

Maz Sound top-rated

TraxInSpace Link of the Month

FreewareWeb Editors Pick

Software Latinguia 4.5

PC World Editor's Pick

Freeware32 4-Star

DSL Reports 5-Star rating

Agentland 4-Star

Zicero Quality Award


321Free top rated site

FileDudes 5-Dude

Epinions 5-Star

NoNags 6-Ducks

Yippee 5-Star

WinFiles TryIt

Shareware Music Machines Top 20 Download Award

ZDTV featured site

ListSoft rated Good

TechSightings Sight of the Day

Allen's WinAppsList Must Have

Safari Excellence Award

Dude Approved

Raw42 Top 42 of 1999

Post for Help product of the week

Jello software Pick

Sellout Site of the Month

CSG Network GoodGuy's Award

Spider Food Top10 Award

ServerWatch 4.5-Star rating

Barbil Promotional Resources

RocketDownload Stupendous

ListSoft rated Users-choice

File Mine 5/5

ToGet 5/5

Dave Central's Pick of the Day

Sina 5/5 5-Star

Complete Free Software 5-Bird rating

WinStuff Must Have

Freeware Filez

Files32 Editors Pick

DarmuWeb Pick of the Week

MyFolder 4.5

NoNags 5-Ducks

HotFiles 4-Star rating

KMCS Awards

Emazing Download of the Day

Jumbo 3-Pack

Softland India

Yippee 4-Star

Musicware 5-Star