Tuesday, December 29, 1998 [04:57 AM PST]

    Yes, that's right RC, I know the secret! I've cracked the code! I've disassembled the executable! I've traced the lead! I finally understand the trick you use to make those rhythm sections, and to illustrate this, I've written a new track called "By Any Name", and I even had time to make a remix, the 'Acid RC' mix, to commemorate this most auspicious of occasions. Ahh, the wonder of it all, the simplicity of it all, and my beloved digital delay, this how life is truly meant to be lived. Time signatures are meant to be broken, deal with it.

All quiet on the front...

Monday, December 28, 1998 [04:14 PM PST]

    Everything is pretty mellow for the holidays; hopefully everyone out there is having a good one, and will continue to do so on into the new year! Just a couple of quick notes; I updated the delay calculator in the downloads section, so make sure to go grab the new smaller executable (a whopping 8k smaller; but put that in perspective, that's 25% smaller than the original! heheh). Also in there is a new song calculator, for working out the time of a song, down to milliseconds. As with the delay calculator, it supports fractional tempos and everything else; and even outputs frame and keyframe times for people doing video/film stuff... Very cool

    On the music front, I did a new song called "Include", which I think is very cool. The bassline sound comes off of the Yamaha TX81Z, and is very gritty; but there's no way I would use it raw, it's going through more effects than a Microsoft product goes through megabytes! Now that's a lot! The album is coming along though, at the 50 minute mark, and counting....

Mikey likes it...

Monday, December 21, 1998 [11:22 AM PST]

    The positive reviews just keep on coming for "Jimbo's Domain"! Check some of them out in the Press section. Make sure to do your part and tell all your friends how AnalogX changed your life for the better! It's your civic duty!

    In other news, there's a new ramble up, or actually two since I forgot to mention the other one when I put it up. Make sure to go check them out when you get a chance as well. Hopefully everyone out there is getting ready to have a safe and happy holiday, doing whatever it is you people do on holidays. Surprising, I haven't been swamped with spam from my net posts, so perhaps the spirit of Christmas has come a little earlier this year... Or maybe my cancel post request got out in time, who knows?!

Shooting up the charts...

Friday, December 18, 1998 [11:05 AM PST]

    Good news! "Jimbo's Domain" is up and available for download RIGHT NOW at , and I must say, the response to this song has been GREAT. It's only been up a day, but already it's running up the charts... Ah, it does my heart good to see that it's appreciated!

    I did some posting on the newsgroups, to help get the word out, and I forgot to use the DejaNews return address... whoops! I'm dreading the flood of junkmail that I know will follow shortly... I attempted to cancel the post, but it was too late. GOD do I hate junkmail! About the only thing worse than getting spam, is knowing you're going to get spam, and not being able to do a single thing about it. hmmm, or maybe it's worse actually knowing that you caused it to some (albeit inadvertently)... Whatever the case, it isn't pleasant.

First MTV's 120 Minutes, now CBS's...

Monday, December 14, 1998 [10:31 AM PST]

    For all you 60 Minutes fans out there who missed the episode on Sunday, you'll be pleased to learn that there's only one show that can compete with 60 Minutes... And that's 60 Minutes 2! Yup, from the big office a CBS they've come up with a great new concept for a show, 60 Minutes; but here's the twist - it's on Wednesdays! Whew! Bet you didn't see that coming! Get ready for the news ride of your LIFE! But the question still remains, will Andy Rooney be able to do two segments a week...

    In other news, there's a few more movie reviews up, so make sure to go check 'em out. There's also more content in Wired For Sound, so make sure to check it out in the articles section as well.

A track a day...

Thursday, December 10, 1998 [03:49 AM PST]

    ...Keeps you healthy! A new track should be available shortly off of , entitled 'Jimbo's Domain', a smooth trip into the merging of subsonic basses, which the loving goodness of ripped beats. It's an easy and great tasting way to get Vitamin D&B, an antioxidant nutrient the helps neutralize free radicals, helps iron get absorbed in the body and helps boost mental capacity. NOTE: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This track is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disorder.

    What? Another new song for "Tranquility Lost" is done, entitled 'Organic'. A really cool blend of a whole lotta keyboards and rack modules, with just a dash of drums, and a smidgen of weird noises. Take the trip, before it takes you!

A day in the life...

Friday, December 4, 1998 [11:49 PM PST]

    Another new song for "Tranquility Lost" is done, entitled 'Yah-Tah!'. It's a happy song, it's had a good day, and it want's to share just a bit of it with you, since making you happy is what it loves to do. A tad uncommon for me to write a track like this, but I was in a relatively bad mood, and this is what came out; go figure.

    Found out about a pretty cool looking site, called MP3 Critic , which reviews MP3 songs from around the web. It's pretty new, so there aren't too many reviews, but more seem to be coming online daily, so it definitely seems worth keeping tabs on. I sent in a request to have them review my work, so hopefully there will be a review up there soon! Not that anyone coming here needs to see a review, mind you, but there are some unfortunate people out there who haven't experienced what it is to partake in AnalogX. They lead a somewhat productive life, none the less, but it is but a shadow of what it might have been.

New things in the works...

Wednesday, December 2, 1998 [04:45 AM PST]

    I'm now using compressed HTML on the site, to speed up access... It saves about 15-40%, depending on the file, but either way, it's a smaller file and a faster download. Also I made the colors of the website a little brighter for people out there who couldn't make it out clearly enought. If anyone has any problems, please let me know, and make sure to include the browser you're using, and it's version. Thanks!

    One more new song for my next album, tentatively named "Tranquility Lost". For those of you who have a copy of "Cast out into the World", it's similar to the first song. It's called 'Think of it', just a cool instrumental piece, no drums, just a nice flow.

    Several people expressed interest in checking out an early copy of "Wired for Sound", so there's some preliminary info up there. Primarily just quick-reference wiring charts for my studio, but they can very easily be adapted to suit your specific needs.