Let there be Paris Performance!

Monday, January 30, 1999 [04:06 AM PST]

    Hot off the presses is a new program for all the Ensoniq Paris users out there, although anyone can really use it. It basically gives you the CPU Usage in the same format as a input on the Paris system. So what's the point? You can see your system utilization at the same time you're running the Paris (handy for seeing how much CPU you have left over for DirectX plugins); and you can see it in a way that blends in great with the Paris user interface, since it looks just like it! Have it sit on top of, or under the dialogs, and tweak how quickly it updates and how large a buffer is used. Just in time for everyone who was hoping Ensoniq would release 2.0 at NAMM, just install 'Paris Performance' instead - a close second! heheh. Make sure to head over to the downloads area and get it - it's the coolest 47k you'll ever download!


Monday, January 25, 1999 [01:53 AM PST]

    For all the users out there who haven't had the 'pleasure' of using MS-DOS, and don't really like the idea of using command line tools in this day and age (it's sooo 80's!) - I have a big announcement to make! Yes, that's right! Both DELAY and SONGTIME are now sport a stylish Windows dialog to help make all of your compositions time as soft, friendly, and happy as possible. Sure, the executable is a little larger, but isn't your piece of mind worth it? Make sure to head over to the downloads area and get your copy TODAY!

Wow! You connected!

Sunday, January 17, 1999 [09:04 PM PST]

    Amazing as it may sound, the site is up and running, and only after a week of being down! I know, that kind of quick-response can usually only be accomplished by such fine establishments such as the DMV, or Social Security Administration. But most largescale internet providers like to see just how much they can get away with, and who better to learn from then organizations you have no choice but to deal with? Of course, all of this happened right when I released 'Rhyme'... A government conspiracy to stop musicians? Some believe it may be so, and who am I to say otherwise... I can't PROVE that they didn't have something to do with it, and they did start the internet, didn't they? Well, until all the facts are in, let's just assume that they're guilty as hell, and start punishing them! If we're wrong, we can always say we're sorry!

New program available!

Monday, January 11, 1999 [12:13 AM PST]

    In AnalogX's continuing endeavor to better the life of musicians throughout the world, a new program is available, entitled 'Rhyme'. The program simply allows you to quickly and easily find what words rhyme with the word you entered. Several different rhyming methods are supported, as well as options to increase or decrease the amount of matches. It won't make you Vanilla Ice (it is futile to attempt his lyrical superiority), but it will take out some of the drudgery of writing lyrics and keeping the creative flow going. Make sure to hurry into the downloads section and get your copy while supplies last!

New album completed!

Saturday, January 2, 1999 [09:23 PM PST]

    It's official, "Tranquility Lost" has been born, weighing in at a very happy 68m20s. Some of my best work yet, but one would hope that you improved over time, instead of the opposite. All of the tracks are very melodic, have great rhythms, huge pads, intense pulses, sweet builds, and all those other wonderful noises you love in your tracks. I had hoped to finish it yesterday, to be done on the first of the new year, but hey, you can't rush perfection, can you?

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 1999 [02:07 AM PST]

    Ah yeah, I bet the artist formerly known as Prince is partying all the way to the bank... I'll have to remember to try to write an anthem song for 2010 or something similar. And to start the new year off, there's a new song available for download up at MP3.COM, entitled "Intuit", either go to the downloads area, or for the impatient, follow this link . Enjoy, and I hope everyone has had a safe and fun vacation time and new year!