Not only a new plugin, but I'm a 'Fave Song' as well!!!

Friday, April 30, 1999 [03:04 AM PST]

    To usher in the weekend, and with it the new month, AnalogX has released it's latest DirectX Audio plugin - AnalogX DCOffset! One of the more common problems in dealing with audio from different sources is it's relative alignment to the 0-crossing point... Now in real world terms, it means the audio source is shifted up or down my some amount; the end result is that it distorts other audio sources, and causes a variety of other problems (like very poor bit utilization). This is a big issue, especially for studios and mastering engineers, and there really weren't any good solutions for doing this in realtime with DirectX... Until now! One of the coolest aspects of AnalogX DCOffset is it's ability to analyze any realtime audio stream, and suggest a DC correction, taking all of the guesswork out of process! Of course, you can still do it manually, but why? Like you didn't already know this, but I'll say it anyway, it's available in the downloads area right now, so go grab it, and don't forget to register!
    In music news, and really cool news I might add, one of my tracks was selected as a 'Fave Song' by the reviewers over at RAW42 ! Ah, it's nice to be appreciated!
    In other news, and this is very good news for the Steinberg users out there, thanks to some assistance from Philippe Goutier over at Steinberg, I fixed the problem with the plugins not being detected properly inside of Wavelab and VST. New versions of all the plugins are available now, so go and grab them while supplies last! Of course, they're all electronic, so there really isn't much of a supply shortage, but isn't that what the large chains always say? And I'm sort of like a large chain, right?

On the Net completed!

Thursday, April 29, 1999 [02:21 AM PST]

    I just finished a new song tonight, entitled 'Wish you were here'... It's a very different piece than my normal songs, much more mellow and with an overall more positive feel. Don't really know why, but it's a great way to close out the CD! It's also one of my longer songs, clocking in at over 7 minutes, but it really works within that time, since it's at a slower tempo (116bpm). The highpoints of this song; deep bass, nice light piano, subtle layered drums, crisp analog pads, and a combination of a plate reverb, with some room verbs to give it nice ambience. So, with this, "On the Net" is officially competed, and I need to decide what I want to do on the next CD... I might try expanding on the style of this latest track...
    In DirectX news, the plugins don't work in any of the Steinberg programs, ie WaveLab and VST, but they work in every other DirectX program under the sun... I've narrowed it down to some extra junk Steinberg requires in the registry, but I'm holding off on updating the plugins to support it until I hear back from them about what exactly all the information is. I called them today, and they gave me the email of one of the programmers responsible, so hopefully I'll get this squared away quickly. Apart from that, no problems have been reported, so be expecting a new plugin release tomorrow!

It's a great day!

Tuesday, April 27, 1999 [01:30 AM PST]

    Ah, what a wonderful day... Someone actually viewed my most worthless of pages, my shopping list! Woo hoo! I put it up several days ago, and was worried that maybe people weren't as interested in details like that, but I guess I was wrong! And the best part is that not just one person viewed it, but TWO! That's a 200% improvement from when I put it online... You don't see performance increases like that everyday, do you? Only on the internet...
    In other news, for all the Paris people out there, tee hee hee... I have flying faders running on MY Paris, do you? heheheh! That's right, forget the C16, I've got 16 little motorized faders that move up and down, all by themselves... But if I want to move the C16 faders, the motorized move with them! How is this possible? Let me give you a little clue... ParisMIDI 2.0. Nuff said.
    Back on the DirectX front, more plugins are coming down the AnalogX programming pipeline, pushing the envelope in both quality and performance, plus you can't really push the value envelope much further than free... Except if I were to give people money, but I wouldn't expect that any time soon. :)

Installer Bugfix!

Sunday, April 25, 1999 [04:48 PM PST]

    Well, before I sit down to watch the 60 Minutes segment on why video games are causing kids to go on killing spree's, I figured I'd put up an installer fix, so none of those crazed kids decide to come after me! For anyone who has already installed any of the DirectX plugins, you don't need to download this, it's a fix that caused the installer to not run on Windows95 OSR1... I also added a Country field to the electronic registration, since I have soo many people reg'ing from overseas! So enjoy the programs, let me know if there are any problems, and don't forget to REGISTER!!! :)

New programs for the week...

Friday, April 23, 1999 [04:08 AM PST]

    Anyone want more DirectX Audio plugins? You had better, because I've just finished another one - AnalogX BitPolice! This is a neato plugin, if I do say so myself... It's primary purpose is to help you diagnose which plugins are working correctly, and in a high quality mode, and which ones aren't. It does this by letting you see the average utilization of the bits of audio data sent through DirectX! So, simply put it before the plugin your interested in checking out, put another after the plugin, and then compare the bit usage of the two... You can tell if it runs in 16bit mode, doesn't use floating point internally, and even tell if they use single or double precision math! A super handy utility, and a one-of-a-kind, first ever utility for DirectX! As always, it's available in the downloads area, so go pick it up, and don't forget to register electronically!
    On another front, I also released QuickDNS, a utility to use in conjunction with the webserver log analyzer entitled Analog... It's very useful since it speeds up the only slow part of Analog, the DNS lookups, by 20x or more! If you use Analog, then this is a must... It's available right now in the downloads area.
    If you'd like to know what I think about the topic of the week, ie, schoolyard shooting ranges, then you'll want to head over and read my latest ramble...
    I just completed a new song, entitled "Playa", I'm not quite sure just why I named it that, but the main groove of the song make me think of this word, so why not! I especially like the bassline and beat on this track, primarily because I'm playing with some weird time signatures, and even combining times by using strange quantization values, which yields some compelling grooves.

All kinds of new things!

Saturday, April 17, 1999 [03:38 PM PST]

    Man oh man I've been working hard to bring you all kinds of new and wonderful changes! Ok, let's start off... There's now a downloads FAQ for some of the more commonly asked questions, so if you get stuck for some reason, or would just like to hear about why I'm doing this, make sure to check it out. I got a new review, from Raw42, and you can read all about it in the Press section, and follow a link out to the full review. I also released two new songs in MP3 format today, one is named "Source Code" and "Beep", both of which can be found on the new MP3's download page, so make sure do grab them both! I also ran around the site and did some basic housekeeping stuff, to make sure that everything loads as quickly as humanly possible; just one more part of AnalogX's dedication to bringing you the finest web experience on planet Earth.
    And as if that isn't enough, there are TWO new program releases today! That's right, count 'em, TWO! Both are a new style of program for me, DirectX Audio plugins, and I'm sure that everyone out there will love these little babies! The first one is 'SampleSlide' and the other is 'DX Pad', more information and the downloads can be found in the downloads area, so head on over and grab these hot apps! Both of them also sport me new cool installer as well, so make sure to install it while you're connected and do the electronic registration! It entitles you to all kinds of special privileges, like, umm... Ok, it really doesn't entitle you to anything, but I would appreciate it if you did register, so I could get a grasp of what program people like, and how much things are getting downloaded.
    I also moved the download link on the menu over into the 'Features' category, since I guess it really is more of a feature than a resource. You know, the downloads area is getting sooo large (the main download page), that I think I may actually have to break it into sections, just so it isn't just one big list. A nice problem to have, for you more than me! hehehe....

I like people terms...

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 [09:14 PM PST]

    Ahh, there's nothing like trying to convert something from techno-speak into people-ease... Case in point, when you're recording music onto your harddisk, how much can you record? Sure there's 200,658,944 bytes free, but what's that mean? Another 10 minutes or another hour? In answer to this cry for help, AnalogX comes to save the day. Donning the black cape with the letter X emblazoned upon it, I went into action, and DriveTime was born! Sitting comfortably on the task bar, DriveTime tells you exactly how much TIME can be recorded, in hours or minutes, at almost any bit depth, sample rate, or channels imaginable! If you're ready to take a ride with DriveTime, head on over to the downloads area, and leave the drivin' to me.

A couple of fixes...

Monday, April 12, 1999 [02:20 AM PST]

    I fixed a couple of minor problems with MouseMod and Arpeg, and one fairly major one in Arpeg (thanks to MobiusB for reporting this one!). The new versions are available in the downloads area, and believe it or not, they're actually a bit smaller than the originals, but about 8k, or almost 20%! Now that's service you just can't beat!

DirectX Audio plugins coming soon...

Sunday, April 11, 1999 [02:57 AM PST]

    Wow, I think that this is the first week in almost 3 months that I haven't released a program! Is there something wrong at AnalogX? Has corporate America finally realized the thread that AnalogX poses to the software development community? No, things have been busy here, getting ready for the release of the next phase of my plans for WorldAudioDomination, or WAD for short... Make sure not to confuse it with Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW, which is very easy, since they are so similar. I've got big plans... Plans to topple all those big-name companies who stand in the way of innovation! Plans to overthrow the corrupt music industry tycoons! Plans to... well... Ok, all I'm really going to do is write some more songs, and some more programs; but like I said, this is just the next phase. I promise that we'll get to those other things real soon! Unless I get signed... You understand, right? If I get signed, then I can't just overthrow my buddies, now can I? I'll have obligations to help oil those industry wheels, so that they can crush those less fortunate than myself... Oh well...

Still stuck on the TS-10...

Monday, April 05, 1999 [02:01 AM PST]

    I really can't believe it, but I'm still fiddling just with the TS-10! I think the thing that sounds out the most of me, once again, is the onboard effects; just top notch! I actually had to modify the initialization segment of my default MIDI project to reset panning and brightness, I've been tweaking those soo much in the new tracks; almost as cool as being able to fiddle with mod. I just finished another song, entitled "Energy", but I think I'm going to redo it, since after listening to it a couple of times, I'm not sure if I really like the lead sound that much... I'll bounce it off of a few people before I make my ultimate decision.
    Just an update on "Energy", I did end up changing the lead sound... Pretty amazing that I could find someone to critique it at this hour, but most of my friends are late nighters! heheh...

Yet another Paris utility...

Saturday, April 03, 1999 [10:41 PM PST]

    Yes, it's true, another utility from the dark recesses of AnalogX - Paris AutoAdd! A handy little hack that allows you to quickly add multiple files into your Paris project; a must for anyone who does any sort of audio-for-video, remixing, or anything else that needs to import many files. It's available right now, in the downloads area!

Ah, a new month, a new archive...

Thursday, April 01, 1999 [10:21 AM PST]

    Tee hee hee... It's April Fools! Why don't you search through my site and find my April Fools joke! Find it? April Fools! There wasn't any! Uhhg, that was lame, oh well, it's a pretty lame holiday, as holidays go, so I guess it's ok. On the site front, I've archived last month, and there's a new ramble as well, but nothing else is one the burner at the moment. Have an action packed day!