Instant DJ! Just add water...

Friday, June 25, 1999 [02:37 PM PST]

    Ready to add something cool to your next track, or just want to play around with music? Then the new release is just what you're looking for! Introducing AnalogX Scratch; the world's histories first and only scratch program ever written for Windows by AnalogX in 1999 using a compiler and some other computer things! That's pretty impressive, huh? You too could be part of history by going over to the downloads section and grabbing yourself a copy! But please; use AnalogX Scratch responsibly! I will not be held responsible for any offensive or poorly scratched samples!
    In the update zone, if anyone was having problems with realtime preview in AnalogX SayIt, there's a new version that corrects this problem (2.02), it's available in the downloads section. Oh, and did anyone notice that if you click on any screenshot in the downloads area, it will give you the full-sized version? Pretty cool, eh? Just another example of how AnalogX will settle for nothing short of excellence!
    In other news, AnalogX Proxy 2.0 is coming along quite well! After a big breakthrough this evening, SMTP is finally working in Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc, which is very cool. After about another week of testing, if nothing else major comes along, be expecting the release! I don't need any more testers (since release is so close), but thanks to all those who were willing to run the beta and help out!

Updates are in the air...

Friday, June 18, 1999 [09:17 PM PST]

    This week was basically just an update week; updated the installer, updated Audio Arpeggiator (it now has a crossfader for smoother arpeggiation), and also an update of POW!, which now has a tolerance button to work with modified versions of IE5. I had been planning on releasing Proxy 2.0 today, but got a new bug so you'll have to wait for next week if you're not in the beta.
    The new installer has a sporty new background, which is very cool if I do say to myself; but it's pushing the envelope of my graphics design skill, so don't be expecting much more :)

Testers for AnalogX Proxy needed!

Sunday, June 13, 1999 [09:17 PM PST]

    Ok, open call to everyone out there using Proxy... I need some testers for the new version in development. One of the new features in the beta version is support for Email, so it's a big improvement! What I need are people who are currently running Proxy, and would like to use Email on their proxy'd machines; so if this sounds like you, then please contact me. If I get enough testers, and everything works fine, then this updated version will be released soon.

Friday releases and the first ListServer message!

Friday, June 11, 1999 [06:01 PM PST]

    Oh boy, it's Friday, and time to release some new programs! I'm more excited this Friday than normally because I get to send out the first official message to people who are listserver members... It's all about who you know :) heheh... Anyway, two new programs for today, the first is called AnalogX CGIMLS, and basically it's the CGI program I wrote to handle the listserver subscriptions. Sure, it's a bit specialized in who it appeals to, but for people who use/need something like this, it's a real treat!
    The other utility I released today is loads of fun, and is called 'AnalogX Audio Arpeg'! It's a DirectX plugin (I know, it's been a while) that allows you to make rhythmic volume adjustments to any stereo or mono stream... Try using it in conjunction with a multitap delay - totally cool! It's available right now in the, let's say it together, download area, so do yourself a favor and go grab it right now!

New ListServer interface...

Thursday, June 10, 1999 [02:44 PM PST]

    Ok, the original ListServer subscription interface I had put up was a little funky, and quite a few people had problems subscribing... Of course, since I want your internet experience to be as pleasurable as possible here at AnalogX, I took it upon myself to rectify the situation! There's now a new interface for subscribing/unsubscribing to the ListServer where all you need to do is basically type in your email and click 'Submit'! So, if you had problems with the old interface, please check out the new one, and get in on the action.

Automatic Update available!

Wednesday, June 09, 1999 [06:50 PM PST]

    That's right! For everyone who's been mailing me about putting up a listserver, well, I've put one up and configured it! So what does this mean to you, my adoring fans? Simple, you can subscribe to the list and about once a week I'll send out an email letting you know what's new at the site, that way you won't miss something super-cool and be ridiculed by your peers and colleagues. To find out more information about it, or to just join up, click here, or at the small message at the top of either the news or downloads sections. So hurry up and join while there's still space!

Working away...

Tuesday, June 08, 1999 [05:09 AM PST]

    Well, I think it's safe to say that AnalogX SayIt is popular, it got over 1000 downloads just yesterday alone, which is pretty impressive! On the music front, I just finished a new track called 'Uncertain Times'; it really has a weird feel to it, plus it's very fast for me (160 bpm). It will join 'Over You' on my new CD-in-progress entitled 'MidStream'.
    In programming news, QuickDNS was updated this week, with a whole slew of changes, primarily dealing with handling the Analog config file more robustly, and adding a few features to make scripting easier to do. It's available in the download area, and should just pop in over the old version with no problems.

HEY! Look at me! I'm a rock star!

Friday, June 04, 1999 [01:28 PM PST]

    AnalogX is bigtime baby! Check it out, I'm featured at Raw42 this month! And not only am I the feature there, but they review some of the programs as well! Just think, all of you helped me to attain this lofty position, and if you are very very nice, I will acknowledge your existence. I am a rock and roll star now, after all... heheh...
    I must say it was nice to get that feature, good for the ego and all the jazz, especially after all the mean (please leave Madonna out of this) email I got about SayIt! Geez, I never realized how important realtime preview is, so I put everything else on the back burner and put it in! So you can call off those hitmen, ok? It's available right now in the download area; I also made it output 44.1k files now, since some people couldn't use them in that format, and I do like to accommodate everyone.
    The Proxy server also got updated this week, with a major/minor update depending on how you look at it, basically it now support HTTPS, or secure HTTP sockets, like when you buy things online. In other net utility news, POW! got updated as well, and now supports 'import' from inside the Add/Remove option; collect and trade your close window settings with friends!
    One more minor update, my capture utility, with the clever name 'Capture', had a slight update, and now sports the patent-pending AnalogX installer, so if you make use of it, make sure to grab this version!