Defrag, and the art of the interleave...

Friday, September 24, 1999 [07:28 PM PST]

    Ahhh, it's been a while since I've written any audio-related programs, so this weeks release was especially fun to write, plus it does something that no other program does that I'm aware of. Here's the problem it solves; when you record multitrack audio, the file gets written in the best possible way for recording/playback, which is interleaved; this basically means it writes one sample for the first channel, then one for the second, and so on until it's written samples for all the tracks, then it starts over and does it again until you stop recording. The problem is that when you defrag your harddrive, it reorganizes the audio files just like any old file, which is NOT the best for multitrack audio performance - enter AnalogX Interleave. This is a copy program that will interleave the files you copy to a new location; it can support just about any file format out there (since it has user-definable header and content sizes), which makes it a must for any hardcore multitrack audio guru... It's available right now in the downloads area, audio section!

Trade your day away...

Friday, September 17, 1999 [05:16 PM PST]

    Since many of my friends work at companies and are hoping to retire at some point in their lives from their stock options, I thought I would do my own part to help relieve some of the constant stress and worry about how the stock is doing. AnalogX Quote will track one stock symbol, display information pertaining to how it's trading, and even graph what it's been doing within the last hour. It minimizes to the system try, doesn't eat tons of CPU, prefers a constant connection to the internet, and is available in the downloads area, network section!
    Also available today (I know some people are NOT going to like this), is my very own K-LOC calculator! Woohoo! Carry on the tradition that helped take IBM off the map of software development! It's available in the downloads area, programming section... Please don't email me to tell my how you hate K-LOC, etc, etc... I just did it for fun and because a friend of mine has been asking me how many lines of code some of my apps were.
    In unrelated news, it looks like NetStat Live is Dave's Pick today at DaveCentral; it's soo nice to be appreciated by the media!

Ach! It's Saturday!!

Saturday, September 11, 1999 [02:42 PM PST]

    I apologize for not doing my normal Friday update this week, and instead doing it Saturday, but I was out of town most of the time, and didn't get back until late Friday night! But don't despair, there still is a new release this week, and one that I've been talking about on the listserver for quite some time - AnalogX PCalc!     AnalogX PCalc is the first real programmers calculator I've ever seen; forget just doing a normal calculator and putting in binary or hex display, this baby lets you enter in full C/C++ expressions! Not only that, but you can assign values to local variables to use later on, it has all the same constants and functions that you would normally find (plus a few of my favs), and a whole lot more! It's available right now for your programming pleasure in the downloads area, programming section!
    In other news, AnalogX Proxy got an awesome review over at PC Fuel , so you should check it out... I got a kick out of the fact the author almost didn't download it because it was under 200k and "No one writes good programs at 183k anymore..." heheh, no one, that is, except AnalogX (but I guess you already knew that)!

ZDTV, WinAmp, updates, and joys SQL...

Friday, September 03, 1999 [04:05 PM PST]

    Well, this has been a fairly busy week; I've been working on my top-secret AnalogX TrackSeek 2.0 project, which is really coming along and will hopefully be up and running soon. Until then, here's some other things to tide you over; I finally caved in to all the requests for a WinAmp version of the Vocal Remover DirectX plugin, so that's available in the downloads area, audio section, in the same areas as the DirectX Audio plugin version. It doesn't work quite as well as the DirectX version (it isn't quite as clean), but I did add a mix slider so you can adjust the amount of the removal effect, which is cool. It also highlights some of the errors MP3 introduces into audio streams; when you listen to it, you'll probably see what I mean.
    I also released version 2.0 of CGISearch today, which is even cooler than the previous version... It has an even better rating algorithm, now evaluates page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords with different weighting... It also allows you to sort the output in a variety of ways, exclude paths from the search, and add/remove filetypes from the search list. Overall, a great improvement, making it even better than it was before; it's available in the downloads area, network section, and can be installed over the previous version without much work.
    AnalogX TrackSeek was also updated to v1.15, with better decoding of URL from sites that don't decode URL's themselves (lame), and better parsing of a couple of other sites... It's available in the downloads area, network section, and I would recommend it to anyone, but I wrote it so I'm a bit biased :)
    I'm the Link of the Month over at Trax In Space , they even sent me a little award picture, so I'm going to have to make an awards page to commemorate this momentous occasion! Why, this is almost as cool as when I broke 10k/hits a day; but I didn't get a GIF for doing that! I'm also in this months Keyboard Magazine , on page 24, so next time you're at the magazine rack, you'll have to be sure to pick this up and treasure it always. And last, but certainly not the least, I was on The Screen Savers last night, and even wrote an article for them about all of the different compilers available, and my thoughts on them. Whew, where's my agent? Let's do lunch...