Friday, December 31, 1999 [10:56 PM PST]

    Well, there's a little over an hour left before AnalogX officially is in the new year, but it looks like the whole Y2k deal will go down as the single biggest non-event in history - which is the way I would ultimately prefer it, so I'm not complaining, mind you! :) To help start the new year off, I've released a new version of AnalogX Keyword Live! This new version has a big improvement; it now tracks not only the top keywords, but also the top search phrases as well, plus some other statistics that will be sure to help in all your meta adventures. It's available, you guessed it, in the downloads area, Network section.
    There were also a couple minor updates; AnalogX TrackSeek had some slight cosmetic work done to it, and improved parsing of some of the sites it scans... AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW had a bug in it's header processing, which could lead to some buffer overflow nasties, so make sure to grab that update as well.

Looks like Christmas came early this year...

Friday, December 24, 1999 [03:52 AM PST]

    Occasionally I write an application that I really want, and this weeks release is absolutely one of those! Many of you may not know this, but every time you release a program, if you want it listed on those file sites, you need to go there and actually submit the application - just imagine what you have to fill out for a free email account or whatever, then multiply it by about 50x and you get the idea. Tedious? Sure... Boring? Absolutely! Help! AnalogX - take me away! Introducing AnalogX SoftSubmit, a free automated software submission program that can add your programs (if you're a software developer) to more than 50 of the best file directories out there! It's an ABSOLUTE MUST for any software developer out there, and it's available right now in the downloads area, Programming section, so grab it and get some of that valuable free time back.
    In other site news, WebAttack gave AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW the Silver editors choice award; that brings the total to 2 golds, and 2 silvers for 1999 - Man, why couldn't they just wait a week? Now they've raised the stakes for beating this years totals! :)
    Finally, with the infamous Y2k literally DAYS away, I've decided to find out everyone's predictions for what this wonderful event has in store for us! That's right, there's a new survey at the Online area of the site, so make sure to go let your thoughts be known! It will be cool to find out how accurate the results will be, with the big day so close at hand...

ZDTV in a big way...

Saturday, December 18, 1999 [09:29 PM PST]

    I just got back from spending all of Thursday over at ZDTV, and I must say, they have even more fun behind the scenes there than they look like they're having in front of the camera - work; yeah right! :) But seriously, it's amazing how effortlessly they make everything seem when they're putting the shows together - very professional. I was on both Call for Help and The Screen Savers while I was there; although it was just a cameo appearance on TSS. You can actually read an article I wrote for Call for Help, and see the video from the segment I did on there by following this link .
    Since I was in ZDTV mode this week, the release is really in conjunction with everyone over at The Screen Savers , and it's called (surprisingly), The Screen Savers screen saver! It's in the downloads area, in the System section, so go over an grab it... The actual core screen saver engine is by me, while the animation was done by the guys at the show, who will more than likely make some more in the future!

WhoIs ULTRA get's the Gold!

Tuesday, December 14, 1999 [09:29 PM PST]

    Yes, AnalogX WhoIs ULTRA has been awarded the coveted GOLD editors choice award over at WebAttack ! They're very picky about who get's the gold over there, and I feel free lucky to snag another one; for a total of two golds and one silver! Not bad for this year, but I'm really going to have my work cut out in order to beat that next year! :) For those of you who are unfamiliar with WebAttack , I highly recommend them since they actually check out all the programs on the site, unlike some of the other sites out there...


Friday, December 10, 1999 [07:48 PM PST]

    Everyone here at AnalogX likes to push the limits - in everything... With that in mind comes today's release - AnalogX WhoIs ULTRA! This isn't merely a 2.0 update to the ever-popular AnalogX WhoIs; this is the next evolution in whois queries - it generates HTML reports, it can try domain name combinations you specify, it's multithreaded for maximum performance, oh, and it also supports the new changes to whois! I have to say that I REALLY like this particular program, so grab your very own copy from the downloads area, in the Network section!

AnalogX celebrates one year online!

Saturday, December 04, 1999 [08:57 PM PST]

    Ah, how time files... And to imagine that just one year ago, the Internet was without AnalogX... It's hard to imagine what a cold and barren place the Internet must have been; I've blocked all of my time spend online before that period, it was just too painful! ;) To hear more about my thoughts on the subject, check out my very special Ramble on the subject.
    In release news, today marks the first release of my series of simple to use servers, starting with a webserver! That's right, it's the long awaited release of AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW! It's the server I use to do all of my internal testing of the CGI programs used on AnalogX, plus any other web development I do; very easy to use, while at the same time remaining very powerful. So, without further adieu, head on over to the downloads area, in the Network section, and grab your copy today!
    In case you were wondering why this is a Saturday update, instead of Friday, it's because I was waiting for to clear a new song I just uploaded - that's right, there's another new track available RIGHT NOW on my page at , so click on the link, and start jammin! Oh, it's entitled 'Mark IV', and is the latest from the new HackSaw CD.

AnalogX one of the best bands of 1999!

Thursday, December 02, 1999 [01:35 PM PST]

    Just when I was worried about not being recognized before the end of the world (less than a month to go), the guys over at Raw42 chose AnalogX as one of the best bands of 1999! You can check out the entire listing of other great bands on this page ... I have to say that I'm very honored by this, since I believe they are the best music review site on the net - Very cool!