January 1999

John Glenn

    If you're familiar with my Rambles, and I'm sure you are, then you will realize that most of them have to do with me complaining about one thing or another; which makes this Ramble special. I'm not complaining, I'm just talking about something that I think is really cool, and someone who I think is one of the few people who I consider to be a good role model, and that's John Glenn. It's amazing to think that someone who was involved at the very beginning of the space program, and who went into space on a rocket that had probably just as good a chance of blowing up on the platform, would want to go into space again. I mean, sure, it's easy to say, "Wow, I'd love to go into space!", but how many times do you actually consider the amount of hard work it takes? That's one of the things that really hit home for me while watching Mr. Glenn go through all of his training for space flight in the shuttle. It's lots of work. And while I still would go in a heartbeat, as I'm sure most other people would, I wonder how much of it is because we really don't realize just how much hard work is involved. That's what makes it even more impressive to me that he would do this again.
    I also believe that in many ways John Glenn personifies what it is that the United States tries to provide; someplace where even the impossible is possible. I mean, who would have believed that he would get another chance to go into space? What were the odds? Probably about 0, since no one else ever had before; but did that stop him? Nope, it didn't even slow him down. But what's most impressive to me is that he didn't loose focus of the fact that just because he wanted it, didn't mean he as going to get it; so he pursued politics and made his mark there as well. It's really amazing, and I hope at some point in my life I have an opportunity to meet him, since it's rare I think to get to live in the same time as someone who's a legend.

Candid Camera Millennium

    Candid Camera, that television show that personifies the American mentality, really outdid itself this time. Now for the one to two people out there who is unaware of what Candid Camera is, it's a show that started in the 70's and was resurrected by Fox in the late 90's, where this guy Peter Funt (sp?) goes around and attempts to play gags on unsuspecting people. I think there's something like it in europe called "Just Kidding" that's very similar, except that it's actually funny most of the time, and does things that would make people sue here in the states.
    Anyway, the particular segment that I thought was absolutely the worst was where they hung out on the street in Chicago, and asked random people what the 'Millennium' is. So the average American answer ranged from "I used to know what it meant, but I forget..." - I mean, c'mon! You USED to know, but now you have forgotten?!!? What a millennium is? But the absolute amazing part of the segment was they asked this european guy the same question, and he basically said "The millennium is 10 to the third power.", and then proceeded to explain how the millennium came about and who started it; and actual concise answer. But here the best part - THE PEOPLE LAUGHED!!!! They laughed because they had absolutely no clue that the guy was correct. It was really really sad and very embarrassing to think that a TV show could actually ask the question, without even truly knowing the answer. And on top of that, no one who watched this before airing it realized it was the correct answer... I think they just thought he was BS'ing it! Oh well, Tammy Faye is on ET getting a makeover, so I need to go and watch it - the important things, you know?