Program insight...

Saturday, February 26, 2000 [05:48 PM PST]

    If you're a programmer, there's bound to be at least once that you've run across a program that did something that you just couldn't figure out. Normally all you can do is guess at what they could potentially be doing, or go to the other extreme and disassemble the program, but there really wasn't a good step inbetween, until now! Introducing AnalogX TextScan, which is basically a binary text extraction utility; don't let that scare you off, all it really does is extract all the readable text from a binary (executable) file, and then try to identify things like functions, DLL's, etc. It supports char and unichar string, and is very handy - it's available right now in the Download/Programming area, so grab it and start scanning!
    Even though this site is noticeably devoid of banners, that doesn't mean that your site has to be; and if you're going to have a banner up on your site, why not have it for one of your favorite sites, like this one! :) A new section is now up on the site, specifically Link To Us, which is filled with all kinds of wonderful banners and buttons to fill your website with to help show your support of AnalogX.

Proxy's got Socks...

Friday, February 18, 2000 [08:03 PM PST]

    Your dreams have come true! There's a new version of AnalogX Proxy - Version 4.0 - and this version now adds support for Socks4, 4a, and partial 5 implementation (no UDP)... This means that Proxy will now work with AOL, Telnet, AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, AnalogX WhoIs ULTRA, and a whole host of others. Not only that, 4.0 is faster than ever, and now allows you to easily bind the proxy only to your local network for maximum security; this update is a must, so head over to the Download/Network area, and grab it today!

Putting form to email...

Friday, February 11, 2000 [08:02 PM PST]

    Lately I've been getting many requests for a CGI program that would allow people to add one of those 'Tell a friend' buttons to their website, and generate an email to the friends email address... Well, AnalogX CGIMLS had the core of the functionality to do this, but it didn't have the flexibility necessary to make it happen - until now! That's right, version 2.0 of CGIMLS is now available, and it's a substantial improvement over the previous version; now it gives you the ability to completely script the email message! Plus it now includes logging, multiple configurations, and more, so if you have a website, and it's running on a windows machine, then make sure to head over to the Download/Network area and grab a copy!

Streaming music to the world...

Friday, February 04, 2000 [05:56 PM PST]

    So you've always had a secret desire to be a famous radio DJ, like Wolfman Jack (hey, he even had his own cartoon show!), but how do you get your big break? Simple, put that Internet connection to good use and start your own Internet radio station, and force people to listen to what YOU want to hear! :) This weeks release is the next release in the SimpleServer series - AnalogX SimpleServer:Shout, a streaming MP3 server. Just set up a streaming MP3 source, point it at SimpleServer, and you're on the air! So get the party started in the Download/Network area!