Talking synths...

Saturday, May 27, 2000 [03:31 PM PST]

    It's been a while since there's been a true audio release on the site, so it's about time to bring in something that many people have been asking about - AnalogX Vocoder! While the DirectX version is still under development, the executable version is ready to roll and is available right now in the Download/Audio area. For those of you unfamiliar with what a vocoder is, it's a process that can make it sound as if an instrument is talking - this is done my modulating the sound with another sound (usually a voice, but other sounds can yield very cool results).

Stop those scripts...

Saturday, May 20, 2000 [11:52 PM PST]

    With yet another version of the ILOVEYOU virus floating around that's more clever (and destructive) than the first, stopping email viruses is at the top of most people's lists, and that's where this weeks release comes in - AnalogX Script Defender! SDefender can be configured to intercept any scripts that are executed on your system, such as the Visual Basic Script (VBS) file that was the core of the ILOVEYOU virus. So if you're serious about protecting your computer and valuable data, then head over to the Download/System area! It has even won the Gold Editors Pick over at WebAttack , of course they suggested it so they might be just a tad biased... :)

Tagging like a pro...

Saturday, May 13, 2000 [01:15 PM PST]

    Whether you're a musician who needs to tag MP3 files of your music, are a hardcore fan that has thousands of MP3's, or just a normal listener, then you've probably wished there was a simple and versatile way to work with individual and groups of MP3 files. Now there is, and it's called AnalogX TagMaster! TagM allows you to modify, remove, and copy ID3 (v1.1, including track number) tags, as well as rename files using any naming method you want! Still not enough - TagM displays all the files within a given directory (and all subdirectories) and can sort the results with any of the categories... And did I mention it can also make playlists? :) So if you're ready to do some serious tag management, then head over to the Download/Audio area and snag this release!

Clean those unused DLL's...

Friday, May 05, 2000 [07:12 PM PST]

    Let's face it, the more programs you install, the more junk that gets left in your system after you uninstall. In an effort to help eliminate some of these unused remnants of programs past, today's release was born - AnalogX DLL Archive! DLL Archive searches through your system and identifies DLL files that are no longer referenced and then allows you to move them into an Archive directory pending you deleting them. Great for people who like to keep their system lean and mean, so go to the Download/System area and grab your copy today!
    In other news, AnalogX Keyword Extractor was awarded the Silver over at WebAttack ... Of course you may be wondering why it didn't get the gold; a word of advice, don't tell reviewers about features you plan to put into the next version! :) Also in the news, AnalogX VocalRemover (the WinAmp version) was featured over at ZDNet as one of the top 5 plugins to download for WinAmp!