Stealth Relaunch!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2001 [03:37 AM PST]

    What happened, did you type in the wrong URL or something? Everyone knows AnalogX is dead right? No updates in a year, no new music, not even a single listserver message in the whole time... Just another revenue-challenged dotcom that finally bit the big one, right? Wrong! AnalogX is back like a herd of turtles and ready to get back to business. If you're interested in a bit more detail of what's been going on over the past year or so, then make sure to check out the Rambles section.
    So where's the wares? Don't worry, more applications are on the way, but for all the power-users out there you'll be happy to see a new section in the Download/System area... And what might the new section be? Why none other than a command line tools section! Yeah, I know, the shell is dead and long live GUI and all that, but ask any system administrator out there about command line tools and you're sure to see a cheerful smile on their face. To start off the new section, I've put up two new utilities specifically geared towards people who operate their own servers or need to perform automated time-based tasks; AnalogX NewMove and AnalogX Sarch. So if you're ready to let your fingers do the talking, head on over and check them out.
    But wait - there's more! Why stop with just software, AnalogX is your full service Internet destination! Do you toss and turn at night wondering what exactly is contained in your car's VIN (vehicle identification number)? What?!?! I know, it's completely random and totally outside the realms of anything you'd normally expect to see on AnalogX, but that's what we do here at AnalogX - push the boundaries (yeah, right). So grab the VIN off of your car, or your favorite eBay Motors listing, and punch it into the web-based AnalogX VINView decoder, in the Online section.
    Want to take a stroll down memory lane? Check out the Website Design history, with all the different looks AnalogX has had over the years, including the latest masterpiece from Jeff Churchill ... The new changes aren't just cosmetic either, programs now show a difficulty level, contact is now easier, and a whole host of other changes that you'll have to discover on your own. And don't forget the new banners and buttons available, just because we don't have banners on our site doesn't mean you have to.