Official Relaunch!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2002 [05:16 PM PST]

    Ok, it's official - the doors of AnalogX are unlocked and opened for business once more! All of the feedback has been great about the new site look, and of course many people expressed surprise to actually see the site back (more than a few mentioned they expected it to just disappear after a while... No such luck! heheh).
    This week's release is one that I'm sure almost anyone using PHP will love - if you currently use PHP, you're more than aware that it uses a .ini file for all of it's configuration. While it's not that bad to go in and edit, it can be a bit finicky about formatting, etc - enter AnalogX PHPConfig! PHPConfig is a graphical frontend for editing the php.ini configuration file, giving you all those nifty tabs, checkboxes, dropdowns, and other controls you've grown to love on Windows. It has built in support for all of the PHP configuration options, plus a special 'Unknown' tab to make editing extensions and other unknown fields a snap. Why, it's so cool, it's actually already received a 5-star rating from WebAttack ! Of course, they were the ones who suggested the program, made mockup screenshots, and even tested it, so they could be just a tad biased... Nah! :) So if you're ready to make your PHP life just a tad better, then head over to the Download/Network and grab your copy today.