Dog and sniffer show...

Sunday, February 17, 2002 [11:23 PM PST]

    Ah yes, another release and about time I might add! This release is another network utility, specifically a packet sniffer... So what's a packet sniffer you ask? I suppose I could write yet another description, but instead I'll point you over to Gibson Research and their writeup about them. For those too impatient to read that, the one line description of a packet sniffer is a program that can passively received packets destined for another machine. In other words, you can see the messages being sent between two machines even though you normally shouldn't be in the look. It's a great tool for programmers or network engineers trying to identify potential problems in protocols, but it could also be used to help track down nefarious programs, etc. The download is available in the Download/Network section, and it's called 'Analogx PacketMon', in case you were wondering.
    For those of you lucky enough to receive TechTV, I will be making my comeback appearance on not one, but TWO of their shows on Tuesday (the 19th) - first on Call for Help with Chris Pirillo (you know, Lockergnome ), and then later on I'll be on The Screen Savers with Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton. It's been quite a while since I've been on either show, so I'm definitely looking forward to it, and hopefully everyone else will as well - make sure to check your local listing for channel and show times (I just love saying that).