The Phantom Programmer...

Monday, June 10, 2002 [07:09 PM PST]

    Ok, I just wanted to give everyone a bit of a heads up, after my appearance on The Screen Savers with Leo Laporte... The program I was working on while on the show is called 'AnalogX Password Buddy' and will be up on the site later on this week - I've gotten quite a bit of feedback both from everyone at TechTV as well as Marco over at WebAttack , and I've decided to delay release of it until I can get some of the features they requested in.
    In music news, work on the upcoming AnalogX CD is going AWESOME, and I put the rough mix of one of the songs up on MP3.COM for those interested, so click here to check out the new track ; it's called 'Stand'. Keep in mind that it is just a preliminary mix and hasn't been mastered or any of that good stuff yet, but even without all that it still has a great vibe and cool vocals.
    Anyone who is around the Des Moines area August, or is looking for something fun to do should definitely check out Gnomedex this year. Steve Gibson and myself will be there again this year, Leo Laporte is giving the keynote, and the guy from F'd company is coming as well; very cool. Don't confuse this with your normal type of conference, it's much more fun and personal (what a shocker considering it's run by Chris Pirillo); last year I had a total blast and am definitely looking forward to this year.