Off to Gnomedex...

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 [06:17 PM PST]

    What's that smell in the air? The cattle ranch just down the road from my house? Nope - it's Iowa! That's right, it's that time of the year again for Gnomedex - the single largest gathering of tech geeks in the central US. I look forward to seeing everyone who was there last year, as well as everyone else who is able to make it this time, I'm betting it will be even more fun than last time. :)
    Of course, I wouldn't leave without putting something new up on the site - this time it isn't exactly a new program (although it does have a download)... It's a new article! Yes that's right, there is an articles section on the site and unbelievably there is something new. The article is entitled "IPSec and You..." and explains how to use Microsoft's IPSec policy manager (available in Windows 2000 Server and Professional) to make a functional and secure firewall. Not only can you lock down which ports can be used, but you can also only allow certain IP's to connect to your server, and even secure all the communications with encryption (although the article focuses on the firewall aspects).

Copy that again...

Thursday, August 08, 2002 [07:29 PM PST]

    Just a quicky update - there's an improved version of AnalogX TSDropCopy available, with a number of fixes and features added. The new version is more tolerant of connection failures, and will also retry several times on any failures (fixing the out of sequence block problem), in the less useful category, it now has the ability to play a sound on success or failure of a transfer. Thanks to everyone who helped track down their particular problems, the new version is available now for download in the Download/System area.