Website look change...

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 [09:14 PM PST]

    Well, it's about time to get things rolling again, and I wanted to start off by changing the look of the site a bit... While visually the top navigation was cool looking, I think that most people found it quite a bit more confusing than the older side navigation. Luckily my buddy that did the design is equally skilled at side navigation, so voila! Side navigation is once more the nav of choice on AnalogX! If for some reason you're interested in seeing what the site has looked like throughout time, you can check out the old designs in the design archive! In case you didn't notice, since this wasn't a major change the portal logo only rev'd 0.1... :)

Windows Media Player...

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 [05:33 PM PST]

    A little while ago I did a free program for Microsoft, called the "Windows XP Video Screensaver" - I know, catchy name but I can't take credit for it! Basically what it allows you to do is use any type of content, such as a playlist or video file or whatever as a screensaver. If it sounds like something you'd be into, or would like additional information about, head over to the Download/System section and check it out... Even if you don't think you'd use it, you might get a kick checking it out since it looks quite a bit different than my normal apps. In working with the Windows Media Group, they wanted a cooler interface than the generic Windows stuff that I normally do so I got a chance to do a interface that's a bit more fun than normal.