Wednesday, June 09, 2004 [01:15 AM PST]

    Woohoo! An update! I know, it hardly seems possible, but your eyes do not deceive you and this really is an update - and what an update! A new program, new music, why I might even write a new ramble just to really shake things up.
    First off, there's a new program available in the Download/Network section called ITR Client. For those of you who haven't heard of ITR (that's Internet Traffic Report for short), it's a website that tracks how the performance is around the net. People have been asking for some tools to be able to perform similar tests on there machine (and no, command line tools in most cases are not an option), so ITR Client was born. Basically it incorporates ping and traceroute with a few cool bells and whistles all wrapped up in a tray icon that shows the current numbers from ITR for either the entire Internet or whatever region you've specified. Overall it's a pretty cool app, and I'm sure people will find it very useful!
    On the music front, I've signed with a label called Viastar - a great group of people, which is the main reason I went with them (along with my strong desire to get consumed by the music industry meatwagon). To celebrate this most auspicious event, I've put up some MP3's from my upcoming CD - keep in mind that they're still rough mixes, but I must say that I think they sound great (and I'm certainly unbiased). So roll on over to the MP3 section and grab them before 'the man' makes me take them down.