Release Candidate 1...

Friday, September 30, 2005 [08:15 PM PST]

    Ok, what should be close to the release version of BitPump is now available for download... This new version has loads of new features, such as a manager-like interface (select it from the UI tab in the config), metafile explorer, download of only certain files from a multi-file torrent, hash accelerations, etc. You can download the release candidate here; once all the features are done being tweaked, then the documentation will be done, so it's still geared towards the more advanced BitTorrent user.
    The new version also includes auto-updating capabilities, as well as an XML-configurable client definitions file which also can be automatically updated as well (if you make any changes to this for the time being, make sure to email the changes to me in the address in the readme file). This version also supports filtering user connections based on ipfilter.dat files or antip2p.dat files (the two most common, if there is another format you would like supported, let me know). This version also fixes the performance issue that the previous version had with large numbers of peers - now you can have well over 100 or more without almost any impact on the CPU (if you want it even lower, you can reduce the refresh rate of the graphs, and get it to almost nothing).