New version of AnalogX Proxy!

Friday, July 30, 1999 [04:14 PM PST]

    That's right! The long awaited release (well, I guess it hasn't been that long, only about a month) of AnalogX Proxy is available! So what new and wonderful features so this little gem hold? How about a few more protocols, like NNTP (used for reading usenet/newsgroups) and FTP (file transfers)! And for all those who weren't clamoring for these new protocols, just what does 3.0 offer you? Well, how does significantly faster performance sound? It's available in the downloads section, under Network, and don't forget to register when you install!
    In other update news, there's also been a few fixes to AnalogX HyperTrace, which caused premature termination behind some gateways and a few cosmetic glitches. AnalogX DriveTime was also updated to work with Windows95 (so is that still an update, or a downdate?)... Both can be found in the downloads section, under Network and Audio respectively!

Traceroute at the speed of light...

Friday, July 23, 1999 [04:49 PM PST]

    Ok, so maybe it's not that fast, but the latest release, 'AnalogX HyperTrace', is just about as fast as Traceroute is ever going to get! HyperTrace will show you the path your internet packet take, and what machines they go through. Like always, it's available right now in the downloads section, which has been revamped!

AnalogX get's plugged on TV...

Tuesday, July 20, 1999 [07:10 PM PST]

    This is very cool, if you get ZDTV , then make sure to check out tonight's episode of The Screen Savers , at the end when they're reading the letters, they mention the site, and a couple of the cool programs here! Right ON! Keep watching ZDTV to see more of AnalogX in the future :)
    For those of you who are here looking for the registry hack I did for them, that lets you set the CD path, it isn't actually listed in my downloads section yet, so here's a direct link to download the program!


Sunday, July 18, 1999 [10:11 AM PST]

    In my haste to bring you the new revision of the installer, I inadvertently broke the OLE registration part... No big deal for most of the programs, which don't use it, but for the DirectX Audio plugins, this would cause them not to be recognized by your DX Apps; so, if you've been having this problem, just download the DX plugin again, and the installer has been fixed so you should be good to go. Sorry about problem!

Back in business...

Friday, July 16, 1999 [05:21 PM PST]

    Finally! My internet connection is finally back in business; when I got digital cable connected (primarily so I could watch ZDTV ) it fouled up my cable modem access, so I couldn't send anything over about 4k... Anyway, on to the release today; AnalogX ACM Convert. This program allows you to access any installed MP3 ACM codec's installed on your system; this will allow you to encode OR decode MP3 files in a quick and easy manner! It supports 8/16/24/32 bit WAV files on input, and will output a 16bit WAV file. It's available in the downloads section, along with several other updates (check the date to see what's changed).
    Also, I've updated all of the installers on the programs, this is to help people who do the registration... I should spend a second to tell you WHY it's beneficial to register; when I am deciding what kinds of programs to write, I do this based off of how many registrations I get... So, if 40 percent of my total registrations are of AnalogX Proxy, and 5 percent are of AnalogX AutoTune, then it means I'm FAR more likely to work on something network related than music related, so registering is really more like voting. Anyway, to make it easier to do for people who use multiple programs, all of the installers now store the info you enter, so when you install another program from me, you don't need to type it all back in again! Pretty cool, eh? I also added the ability to subscribe to the AnalogX ListServer from the installer as well, just tell it that you want to be notified by email of AnalogX news!

Let AnalogX help you manage your DX plugs...

Friday, July 09, 1999 [10:12 AM PST]

    Ever wished there was a quick and easy way to manage all of your DirectX Audio plugins? Well, now there is, with AnalogX DXMan! It lets you add or remove plugin registrations, view property pages, and more! A definite must for ANY DirectX user out there... It's available right now in the downloads section!
    I also updated all of the MIDI apps (Arpeggiator, MouseMod, etc), just minor updates. Also updated are Scratch and SayIt, both were just fixes to the 'Disabled' device (not terribly useful, but I like things to be perfect). And finally, some minor changes to both CGIMLS and QDNS, primarily dealing with threading; once again, they're all available in the usual location.

Let there be email...

Friday, July 02, 1999 [03:39 PM PST]

    Guess what's been released today? No! It isn't the vocoder! I'm still working on that - <sheesh>! It's the long-anticipated AnalogX Proxy version 2.0; now with support for POP3/SMTP, or what's commonly known as email! That's right, you can now use email along with your web browsers on all of your remote machines; is that cool or what? It's in the downloads section, ready to go!
    Also updated this week; both AnalogX POW! and AnalogX QDNS have been updated... You can find more information about what's changed with them on their respective pages.
    In site news, all of May's stuff has been moved over to the archives, there's also a new ramble online, as well as a new review of the Ninja game Tenchu. And guess what, my provider just switch locations, so now I'm on an OC12, and for those of you who aren't familiar with just how big that is; a 56k modem is about 0.064 MBPS, I was on a T1 before which is 1.544 MBPS, and the new OC12 is 622 MBPS - basically it means I have a whole lot of bandwidth, so enjoy!